Undocumented People Continue Cutting off the Roads in Chiapas


* They already know how the federal government works

Tapachula, Chiapas; November 28, 2021.- For umpteenth time this week, a group of undocumented immigrants blocked the highway in the middle part of the Chiapas Coast just to get at least 40 buses for moving to 10 states in Mexico; also, they were asking for visas.
Their main idea is to get jobs, in addition to be able to have many free services such as education, health, food and housing.
The road closure was at the height of the Madre Vieja community, where they agreed to suspend those actions when the government yielded to their demands.
Lately, on the side of the road, about two thousand people waited for several hours for the buses to arrive. There were discussions with public officials because the migrants wanted to decide who could board the vehicules, according to their lists.
According to officials of the National Migration Institute (INM), they made that decission for ending the caravans that had left Tapachula during the week. After five hours of waiting, the buses arrived one by one to transport the migrants to other entities in the country.
Milourse, is a Haitian woman by profession nurse who is 6 months pregnant and left in a caravan because she wants to get an humanitarian visa for herself and her family. She also helps in medical care to heal people who have injuries in their feet.
These groups of foreigners traveled about 80 kilometers to make a traet with the authorities and to obtain, based on pressure, the buses where they would be transferred.
The day before, another group did something similar on the Chiapas coastal highway and also achieved their mission of immediately receiving care.
It is worth mentioning that anti-riot groups have had to intervene to restore order and open the roads. EL ORBE /