There is an Environment of Violence in Chiapas For the Migrant Issue: Human Rights


* They warmed that there could be clashes at any time

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 1, 2021.- The Fray Matías de Córdova y Ordóñez Human Rights Center warned that the migrant issue in Chiapas has created an atmosphere of violence that at any moment could sparked clashes.
José Gómez, a member of the Monitoring Area of that organization, said in an interview for the newspaper EL ORBE that, there is not any response from the Mexican federal government about the moving of migrants from Chiapas, so their destination is unknown.
Furthermore, it is very worrying that the majority of these people left their homes and jobs, because they had been informed that they were going to be moved. «Then, there was not a response for them, and the worst of all is they do not have where to stay and where to live, which places them in a very serious situation of vulnerability.»
He also said that “this is the situation in which the authority has involved them, and they were just trying to find a way to be heard. However, we noticed again the absence of the state, where it should be to somehow clarify how these processes are going to be carried out and try to resolve this conflict so that it wont happen again”.
He accepted that, if this type of situation continues, it could generate more violence and confrontations, “we are afraid because the National Guard (GN) or the National Migration Institute (INM), could try to withdraw them, which would generate an environment of violence and puts everyone at risk «.
Given this scenario, he reported that they are asking the government to give a response, and if these moving would be made, they should be done in a clear and effective way, so that migrants can move from Tapachula.
All this situation shows the absence in the organisation of the authorities. Their planning to address this migratory phenomenon, which has been overflowing lately.
“In addition to the demonstrations, something quite serious is that they are living in a street situation, next to the Tapachula Olympic Stadium. Thousands have left their homes to come and look for the moving which the INM had offered them», he said. EL ORBE /