There is an Initiative for Migrants to Travel On Commercial Buses From Chiapas


* As a result of the migration crisis in Tapachula

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 1, 2021.- Migrants of many different nationalities who have stayed in Tapachula for many months, still begging to the National Migration Institute (INM) for attend their request: get an exit document for continue on their way Outside of Chiapas. They also requested to leave the town in public service buses, buying their ticket with their own resources.
This proposal was presented by the Center for Human Dignification (CDH) to the INM and could be an alternative solution. So that, about thousand migrants could leave Tapachula every day.
The proposal was made for the national officials of the INM, who agreed to analyze it and give a response in the next few hours. If it is accepted, the buses would take 43 foreigners on board, (maximum 50 if they carry children) and an element of the INM.
In this way, it is supposed that migrants can go to the 10 cities destined by the federal government, and continue with their process, so the migratory crisis that is being experienced in Tapachula would be disappearing.
For this reason, it is supposed that the exodus would use buses from commercial companies «with which they would pay the public transport companies, they work to take the entities assigned by the Mexican authorities».
It is believed that, if this agreement is concluded, in this Thursday there would be buses loaded with people who entered the country illegally, and many others who are arriving due to the porosity of the border between Mexico and Guatemala.
«The only thing missing is that they give them an exit letter -which is contemplated in the law-, where they say to which entity they will go and where they give them their card for humanitarian reasons for one year,» the agency reported .
Meanwhile, the Migration authorities have given appointments for moving Latinos and Haitians until December 22, which has turned Tapachula into a great plug.
It is estimated that more than 500 buses have departed in the last 25 days. However, the presence of about 6 thousand daily migrants in the Olympic Stadium – of about 75 thousand who roam the city – who desperately seek to leave Tapachula continues. EL ORBE /