Migrants Collect Trash That They They Shot at The Olympic Stadium


* Since they arrived they did not do a toilet.

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 02, 2021.- This Thursday, migrants of different nationalities who are still waiting to be attended by authorities of the National Institute of Migration in the Olympic Stadium of Tapachula, cleaned and collected tons of trash which they threw wherever they wanted during the three weeks they have been there.
Early in the morning, they took broom, tree branches, palm branches and metal fences to move the trash in plastic bags which were accumulated during all these days, causing foul smells and pollution.
The foreigners worked in groups and moved the trash to a single place so that the authorities would send a truck to take what was collected.
According to what some of those who participated in these activities said, this was to prevent any type of illness while waiting for their movings. In this way, they decided to take this initiative to clean the entire exterior and interior of the stadium, which the authorities turned into the icon of the sport in the south of the country, in a hotel for the undocumented people.
They explained they have been organized in groups divided into men and women, since there are many children and teenagers who are kept outdoors without having any preventive measure from the health sector of the Mexican government.
Many of the migrants who stayed in the stadium, have given up on sleep there and chose to stay and live in Tapachula for enjoying the support of the federal government.
However, many thousands migrants will continue to wait for buses to move them every day, so they will be able to leave Tapachula and travel to ten states in the country. Also, they could follow their administrative processes, which is what the INM has offered them.
The trash dump which they caused in that space is what they always do in Tapachula. The difference is that they do not pick up a single sheet of paper if the government does not pay them a salary for doing it, and if someone tell them that it is a wrong action, they respond aggressively. EL ORBE /