Haitians Clamor to Leave Tapachula, by not Finding Opportunities to Survive


* They claim it is the Poorest City in the Country.

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 5, 2021.- For Rubensen, a Haitian migrant who seeks with his family and fellow nationals to leave Chiapas as soon as possible, “we have to leave Tapachula because it is the poorest city in the country, where there is no work, there is nothing in here”.
In an interview for the newspaper EL ORBE, he said that they went to the recently inaugurated Consulate of Haiti in the town, asking for help to all of them in the request for a document which allows them to leave the southern state, but that so far they have not gotten positive responses.
«We have to leave, because we want to live, and we have  family. So we must move to another place, where we can get a job and all of our needs, because that is why we left Haiti,» he said.
For them, he pointed out, the situation they are going through in the town on the southern border of Chiapas is critical, because they only wait for a response that has not arrived after many months.
According to his version, the consulate only receives the papers to carry out the paperwork and their answer is  that migrants have to wait to be called.
«But no one calls and the situation becomes more complicated. I have been here for months, with my family, my son, my wife, my friends; and all of us are in a critical situation.»
In addition to all this, he pointed out that despair increases because migrants still arriving at the border between Guatemala and Mexico, and they continue passing. EL ORBE /