It is Urgent to Seal the Border Between Mexico and Guatemala


* To Stop the Free Entry of Illegal Migration.

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 8, 2021.- The Southern Border with Guatemala must be man by the National Guard and the Mexican Army, otherwise, all kinds of foreigners will continue entering to Mexico illegally, since they take as an advantage the fact that no one takes control of the zone.
This was said by Walter Orozco in an interview for the newspaper EL ORBE, who is the representative of the Association of Small Merchants in the Center of Tapachula. Also, he said that foreigners are entering and leaving at the time they want and that is why this city has been overrun by migrants.
He pointed out that this foreign invasion has greatly affected the merchants in the downtown, since local buyers, including Guatemalans who arrive in Tapachula, have limited their visits to the center because it is invaded by undocumented people, so they prefer to go shopping to the malls.
Likewise, that the informal sale which many migrants work for without paying taxes, also affects them; since the few profits that could be for them, are taken by foreigners, regardless of other problems they create, such as a bad image with the trash generated by migrants.
In the same way, he commented that not all of the thousands of foreigners who enter through the southern border, have the desire to reach the United States. And to make it worst, there are organized gangs of criminals who come among them who once they are in Mexico, they start to crime.
He dwell on it and said this is why the authorities, including the National Institute of Migration (INM), must look for effective strategies to solve this problem. Since, although they announced that migrants are leaving in a caravan to other states, the next day Tapachula will be receiving another one in equal or greater number. EL ORBE