New York Physicians Will Serve to Vulnerable Groups in Tapachula


* They will visit two Shelters for Migrants.

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 8, 2021.- Doctors and specialist nurses from the Association of Nurses of New York arrived in the city to develop medical brigades for vulnerable families in the municipalities of the southern border of Chiapas. Also, they will be visiting two shelters for migrants established in Tapachula.
Since four years ago, entrepreneurs in the region have coordinated with seven North American doctors, who have planed to start working this Thursday at 08:00 am, in rural communities.
According to the schedule, they will start working in the Cuauhtémoc community, located in the border municipality of Suchiate.
Specialists will treat general and chronic degenerative disease such as diabetes, muscle pain, and others.
In the case of the migrant population located in the camps, it is supposed that doctors will be focus on cases of mycosis, heat stroke, diarrheal and acute respiratory diseases.
In the last hours, Rony Curvelo, who is coordinator of the medical brigades, arrived in the city and said in an interview for EL ORBE that «in Tapachula there is an strong crisis of Haitian migrants who arrived at the southern border of México, and they need medical attention because they are passing by».
After taking a tour in the Tapachula Olympic Stadium, he recognized that there is a serious problem of trash generated by the migrants, and that this can trigger problems, both for Haitians as well as for the rest of the foreigners and local people.
Also, he commented that in his tour he got surprised because there was not any light bulb, and that is why he considered that it is really necessary to carry out a general cleaning and install electricity, while the migrants continue waiting for be moved to other states in the country.
This group of doctors will also visit the Belén shelter and the migrants who are in the Olympic Stadium, to offer them their services and medicines for free. EL ORBE /