Three Migrant Caravans Depart From Tapachula in a Single Day


* While thousands of the trucks offered by the federal government continue to come out

Tapachula, Chiapas; November 26, 2021.- Three new migrant caravans have left Tapachula in the last 24 hours, with the aim of advancing to Mexico City and obtaining documents for their immigration regularization.
Meanwhile, for the third consecutive day, the federal government continues with the transfers of foreigners who remain concentrated in the vicinity of the Tapachula Olympic Stadium, to ten states of the Mexican Republic, with the intention that in those regions they can continue with their process administrative.
At the beginning of the week, a series of demonstrations by thousands of migrants took place that included blockades of streets and the highway that leads to Puerto Chiapas, in addition to attacks on civilians because the exodus claimed that the Mexican government has not attended them in recent years. years.
During all that time, it is estimated that some 120 thousand people of more than one hundred nationalities have arrived at the southern border of Chiapas, in search of a trade that allows them to travel throughout Mexico without being detained, so that they can reach the border with the United States and try to enter.
Others seek to be considered as refugees so that the government grants them visas with which they can enjoy basic education, health and food services, in addition to formal employment.
As a result of these protests, the government agreed to the transfers and is taking around a thousand every day, but many of the foreigners no longer want to wait their turn and preferred to start walking along the Chiapas Coast and thus seek to be treated immediately. with more trucks.
Just over 2,000 migrants participate in this caravan, divided into three large groups, the first with about a thousand people, who would have left Tapachula almost at the end of Thursday. The second, with about 600, who started the march at dawn on Friday and, the rest, did so in the morning.
A migrant from Honduras, Jesús López, told the newspaper EL ORBE that they decided to leave because the National Migration Institute (INM) allegedly lied to them, since they told them that they were going to send them 20 trucks for transfers, but in the end there were 10 and that they did not they were full.
The caravan, made up mostly of Haitians, has walked about 41 kilometers and is preparing for this Saturday to leave for the next municipality, which is Villa Comaltitlán.
For its part, the INM reiterated that they will continue with the bus transfers, but they will organize and order the migrants to continue their process because there are thousands.
It is estimated that, this Friday alone, some 2,000 migrants left on official buses from Tapachula, and even though their destination is precisely unknown, there is a government commitment that they will expedite their procedures.
While all this is happening, in the municipality of Mapstepec, in the middle part of the Chiapas Coast, 179 migrants remain stranded in the central park and have declared a hunger strike, because there were not enough trucks to transport them. .
Luis Enrique, from Honduras, affirmed that they are dissatisfied with the null attention of Migration and pointed out that they decided to leave because they want to get to where they can have their documents
In Chiapas there is a generalized social irritation because representatives of social organizations and productive sectors agree that the undocumented demand rights that the governments of their own governments denied them, in addition to the fact that many have been arrested for having arrest warrants against them for crimes such as robbery, armed robbery, homicide, sexual assault, extortion, gang activity, terrorism, injuries, among others. EL ORBE /