Thousands of Migrants are Waiting at the Bypass; Authorities Have not Returned Since Friday



Tapachula, Chiapas; December 12, 2021.- Since last Friday, the National Migration Institute (INM) stopped attending to 15 thousand migrants who are still stranded in the Tapachula bypass. And to make it worst, they great the risk of suffering an accident on that road which leads the country with Central America.
The migrants, with suitcases, bags and sheets, had been waiting for three days until sunday, to be attended by the federal authorities, but they did not return.
Until now, they have not been informed if they are going to issue exit documents or how the procedure will be so that they can leave Tapachula and travel to the 10 regions in Mexico where some 50,000 undocumented immigrants were relocated in the last two months.
Foreigners remain on one side of that highway located at the south of the city, in which every moment arrive more migrants and there are already several kilometers of people who do not separate from there, because of the fear of losing their seats in the buses.
Another problem they got is the lack of resources. They argue that they have been waiting for their documentation since many months ago, which means they are broken. Therefore, the idea is to ask the Mexican authorities to send them the transport units.
One of the Haitians made a long journey with EL ORBE all over that row on the road, in which he narrated the situation and tells the experience in which he said «it is extreme and inhuman, there is a little chance to survive.»
In his opinion, the Mexican authorities need greater sensitivity and that the situation is getting complicated every day, «because they are living worse than animals on the side of the road.»
After the newspaper EL ORBE publishes the details of the kind of life in that part of the city, the authorities sent a patrol in order to control the intense traffic that is on that communication route and to prevent foreigners from being run over. EL ORBE /