Nelson Mandela Award Arrives in Tapachula And Visit Touristic Places With Stranded Migrants



Tapachula, Chiapas; December 12, 2021.- Sheikh Esref Efendi, the Nelson Mandela Prize awarded by the European Parliament of Luxembourg for his work on behalf of Syrian and Bangladeshi immigrants, as well as for his support to residents of Kashmir, arrived this Sunday at Tapachula and visitor some touristic places with thousands of stranded migrants to record the situation.
One of those places was the shelter located in the bypass, where the foreigners indicated that they are living in inhumane conditions and continue waiting for being listened by the Mexican authorities.
The moral leader arrived at this camp where he observed the terrible situation which migrants are living on the edge of the international highway.
In addition, they explained that they want to leave Tapachula with the help of buses, however, these have not been enough.
Likewise, that the economic situation of many migrants is critical because they have begun to run out of resources for survive and paying for transportation service.
During his visit, they also explained to him that the authorities of the National Institute of Migration (INM) have not attended this humanitarian crisis which has emerged as a result of the arrival of thousands foreigners in Tapachula, the ones who have been waiting for their documents since many months ago.
They pointed out that it was until the last days that the Mexican government launched an special transfer program to relocate migrants to other states, where they will be able to continue with their migration processes and thereby depressurize the southern border.
Esref Efendí is expected to contribute in the resolution of the immigration problem that exists in this city. On his tour, he is planning to be in the municipality of Arriaga, in Chiapas; in addition to the states in Veracruz and Oaxaca. EL ORBE /