Migrants Kidnapped Chiapas: UNTRAC


* ´They ask the government to respect the law

Tapachula, Chiapas; November 28, 2021.- In Tapachula and nearby municipalities, this Sunday marked a week in which migrants of different nationalities have made many demonstrations to pressure the federal authorities and complay with their demands, including the provision of buses to take them to 10 entities of the Mexican Republic, visas, employment, education, medical services and others.
During the last days, the undocumented people have blocked streets and highways; attacked citizens; retained officials and violated other Mexican laws. Also, they entered the country illegally and can not prove their legal stay.
Given this, the state delegation of the National Peasant Transport Union, Untrac, condemned all those flagrant violations of what the norms establish and reminded the authorities that the Constitution states that in Mexico no one is above the law.
The state delegate, Fernando Unda Castañeda, said at a conference that there are pros and cons about migrants which must be made known publicly, “such as the fact that we have been practically kidnapped by foreigners, immigrants, people of color. If they are here in Mexico, the first thing to respect is its laws, but their positions are a great abuse, which includes emotional, psychological and economic consequences ”,
To continue, he said the blockades they made on the road that leads to Puerto Chiapas, stopped the distribution of fuel; morever, the patients who desperately wanted to go to the Regional Center of High Specialty «Ciudad Salud» and the Regional Hospital -two of the largest hospitals in Chiapas- could not pass.
In adittion, it also affected the departure of tourists and the citizens that could not access to the airport; either those who wanted to go to their jobs and producers of various crops who also had to stop their activities; for example, the public transport sector; merchants and hundreds of families seeking to carry out their daily activities.
“The worst of all is that no one was arrested, even when they destroyed private vehicles which were trying to pass those blocked roads. At that point, the migrants did not care about the human rights and individual guarantees of Mexicans ”, he pointed out.
That submissive situation of the authorities, he said, is being the example so that now any undocumented person who enters to Mexico can demands all the services missing in their countries. Although the Mexican social organizations can also carry out blockades demanding whatever they want, and comply to get it immediately like foreigners did.
“That is why we are asking to respect the law, and the government needs to put everything in order. That those who violate the law must be arrested, like everyone else. Let there be justice and not impunity”, he pointed out. EL ORBE /