45 Thousand Migrants Have Left Tapachula But There Are Still Another 70 Thousand on Hold


* They warn that thousands of undocumented immigrants are arriving in Chiapas every day

According to figures from the Center for Human Dignification, some 5,000 migrants have left Tapachula in the last two months to move to other states of the Mexican Republic or to reach the border with the United States.
Despite this historic figure, the human rights defender body estimated that there are another 70,000 in the city waiting to be attended to by the federal government in their requests, both for refuge, the regularization of their stay or to allow them continue your way to North America.
Worst of all, he warned that thousands of foreigners are also crossing the border between Mexico and Guatemala every day to reach Tapachula «which is a never ending story.»
Given this scenario, he called on the authorities of the Mexican State for the National Migration Institute (INM) to issue exit documents that allow exoduses to leave by their own means and can reach the destination that the authorities are offering them in other 10 entities to continue their migration processes, and thereby release a little social pressure against foreigners.
They have also asked the federal authorities to let them travel in public service trucks, since they are willing to pay for their tickets in order to leave this city, which they have called in the last two years as «the prison for migrants biggest in the world».
According to that association, only this Tuesday several thousand foreigners arrived who entered the national territory irregularly, «and a group leaves, but another similar or larger arrives.»
He considered that those almost 130 thousand migrants stranded in the city, «it was a three-year containment that could not be solved, which has unleashed a crisis in this area of the southern border of Mexico.»
He acknowledged that not even a thousand buses available for the migrant population will address the problem, so he launched an emergency call for a quick exit. In addition, he asked the senators and federal deputies to promote an emergency aid measure.
He advanced that “he will not see an immediate or medium-term resolution. The situation is getting worse and with what is happening, they need to get out ”. EL ORBE /