Two of the Three Caravans of Migrants They leave Huixtla and walk in darkness


* They intend to advance as soon as possible

Tapachula, Chiapas; November 26, 2021.- Two of the three caravans that left Tapachula at various times this Friday and that joined in the municipality of Huixtla, decided at the end of the day to advance on their way in search of the authorities to assist them .
The first contingent of migrants arrived at noon in that municipality located about 45 kilometers from Tapachula and rested for part of the afternoon. There the authorities took the opportunity to provide them with medical care and security.
Later, they agreed to go out at night to continue their journey in the dark at dawn, without defining where they would stay to rest.
The migrants were about to leave at 06:00 in the afternoon, when the second contingent arrived and decided to join the first group and later all go out together.
Until now they have kept their light pace through the Huixtla – Villa Comaltitlán section, and they had even passed the “Cerro gordo” migratory gate, without any setback.
They seek to reach a midpoint in Chiapas, where they can talk with officials of the National Institute of Migration (INM) so that they can be transferred to other regions of the country where they can carry out their immigration procedures, after there are many in Tapachula thousands who expect the same. EL ORBE/