Two Contingents arrive in Escuintla And are part of the New Migrant Caravan


* In the last hours thousands of migrants left Tapachula

Tapachula, Chiapas; November 27, 2021.- This Saturday, thousands of Haitian migrants and people from Venezuela, Cuba, Africa, Nicaragua and Central America, arrived in Escuintla, located in the middle part of the Chiapas Coast.
These two marches traveled around 76 kilometers from Tapachula, without having contact with the Mexican authorities.
The large group left the Tapachula Olympic Stadium, due to there were not enough buses to transport them to the interior of the country and they did not trust in the authorities.
At night they resumed their way from this sport center to the southern way, while the second group that joined in Huixtla, left at 3 am.
In fact, in less than 48 hours they have traveled the municipalities of Tapachula, Huehuetán, Huixtla, Villa Comaltitlán, Escuintla Acacoyagua and early in the morning they will continue their walk in the road section to Mapstepec, where they are plannig to rest this Sunday.
They have formed a large caravan and have walked the six municipalities in record time, overpassing the first movements of foreigners who left since month ago.
The undocumented people have left because they have already spent many months waiting for documents in Tapachula, and they are angry because they were not atended by the mexican government. EL ORBE/