The Tapachula Olympic Stadium is Overcrowded With Migrants


* They demand that the federal government must abide what they promised in the last three years

Tapachula, Chiapas; November 30, 2021.- For the third consecutive week, the facilities of the Tapachula Olympic Stadium are overcrowded with thousands of migrants of different nationalities; in order to demand that the federal government must abide what they have been offered in the last three years about visas for living anywhere in Mexico, jobs, financial support, free medical services, education and others.
Meanwhile, the undocumented people have made blockades of streets and the highway that leads to Puerto Chiapas in that sector of the city, and attacked vehicles and citizens. For the more, they have cut off the public transportation and economic activities.
This is because for many months, the National Institute of Migration (INM) and the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar), according to the version of the migrants, they have not given them a solution to their request to obtain a Exit document with which they could travel the entire national territory without being detained, until they reach the border with the United States, or that they are granted asylum status.
The overflow and protests forced the federal authorities to give in, and now they have committed to granting buses to move all migrants to 10 entities in the national territory, where they will be able to follow their immigration procedures. Also, if they want, they will be able to stay and live in Mexico.
Thousands of undocumented people have covered the entire plaza of the Stadium, waiting to be treated by the INM authorities.
In that place there have been several lines of people enclosed with metal fences, surrounded by anti-riot elements of the National Guard (GN) who are providing the security of the Stadium. During the wait, the foreigners have installed tents, cardboards, blankets and tarps, to protect themselves from the sun.
This Tuesday there were about 6 thousand migrants waiting, having the idea of going out to the 10 entities of the country.
While those thousands demand their «rights,» similar numbers of undocumented people continue to enter the Mexico-Guatemala border every day, unguarded and completely open to smuggling and exoduses that do not comply with the law. EL ORBE /