Another 25 Buses With Migrants Depart From Tapachula; Next Week Those Who are Missing Will be Relocated: INM



Tapachula, Chiapas; December 4, 2021.- Hundreds of undocumented immigrants who were supposedly left behind from the caravans of the last month and a half, and stayed in the municipality of Mapstepec and its surroundings, finally left the state this Saturday because the National Migration Institute (INM) send buses to move them to 10 entities of the Republic, where they will be able to continue their procedures.
After at least three weeks of waiting in that region located in the middle part of the Chiapas Coast, the Mexican authorities made an operation by the National Guard to coordinate the migrants and avoid incidents in the beginning to get on the buses, because everyone wanted to do it at the same time.
Luis García Villagrán, spokesperson for these migrants, told the media that in the massive movements on October 23rd and November 18th; 4,151 foreigners had already received their visa documents for humanitarian reasons.
This Saturday there was still a second group of migrants of about 300, where the federal subdelegate of the southern zone of the INM, Hugo Salvador Cuellar, promised to send 13 new buses for this Sunday, and so he took a loudspeaker and informed them directly.
There were 11 buses which the federal government sent this Saturday to move about 500 migrants from Haiti, Africa, Central America and other nations.
These migrants made three blockades on the Sotera highway in recent days, demanding to the federal government to send them the buses for their moving, give them the visas, in addition to other free services such as health and education, to which the Mexican administration relented.
Days before, employees of that immigration agency had signed a document in which they made the commitment to send them the transport, but until now they had failed to comply.
The exodus had fallen into uncertainty and despair as other groups left Tapachula in caravans, blocking the road on several occasions to pressure the government to comply with their demands.
It is believed that this 2021 about 140 thousand migrants will get the humanitarian visa so that they will be able to stay and live in some part of the country. In fact, Mexicans – via taxes – will have to pay their maintenance in expenses of medical care, education, food, humanitarian aid, economic support, social programs, among others.
These benefits for the undocumented are given in a year, meanwhile the extreme poverty in the national territory continues growing exponentially and millions of Mexicans are living in a situation of misery, without employment or any mechanism to guarantee their food every day.
All the Migrants are going to leave.
Tapachula Week: Aristeo Taboada
The delegate of the National Institute of Migration (INM), a diplomatic military general of the General Staff, Aristeo Taboada Rivera, publicly pledged to carry out actions to mobilize 70 buses for moving about 3,000 migrants to other states in Mexico, so that they can finally leave Tapachula, after many months of begging for assistance.
Until a couple of months ago, more than 120 thousand foreigners stranded in Tapachula where they requested an exit document with which they could travel the entire country without being detained in a period of one month, to reach the border with the United States and request refuge in North America there.
As a result of the growth of pressure, the Mexican government finally decided to give them buses, visas, the possibility of free jobs and services, in order to keep them in national territory and prevent them from going to the United States, as if they were trying to defend the interests of the country which has stars and stripes.
This time, the federal official remarked that the migrants who still remain in Tapachula have shown order and organization. «All of you are leaving on Sunday, the ones we are now retiring are going to leave. The rest are leaving in monday and this week almost everyone is leaving,» he said in a sudden tour he made to the Tapachula Olympic Stadium, a place which has been enabled as a hotel for those groups on the move.
He asked that they remain in order and monitored by the authorities so that those commitments can be fulfilled and taken to other parts.
About 21 trucks left this Saturday from the Tapachula Olympic Stadium and another from the Ecological Park area, both from the south of the city. EL ORBE