There is an Absence of Authorities on the Migratory Issue In Tapachula: Private Initiative


+ He asks if dead people are needed to act

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 6, 2021.- As a result of the migration crisis in Tapachula due to the presence of more than one hundred thousand migrants of many nationalities, the business sector expressed it is concern that the protests and the attacks on citizens are getting worst.
Since the beginning of the migrant caravans, just over two years ago, the business sector has demanded that the federal authorities must resolve the problem of migration, but they have not listened to that request.
The president of the Association of Established Merchants and Property Owners of Tapachula (Accepitap), José Elmer Aquiahuatl Herrera, said that the problem is the undocumented immigrants stranded in the city have acted with violence against local society.
«That is why we are asking, what is next? Do we really have to wait for the authorities to do something about it? Or, what do citizens have to do to be heard? Do the autorithies need to see deaths in order to act? ”He said.
He also pointed out that, unfortunately the authorities are waiting for a tragedy to act, «because until now there is no one doing something about it».
According to the representative of that business organization, “we have seen the absence of the authorities to control the situation, because the migrants have acted the way they want to. For this reason, citizens are worried ”.
He made it clear that it is not a situation where they judge the authorities, «but so that they must do their work or to do what it is related migrants issue.”
According to oficial statistics, almost 40 percent of common crimes committed in Tapachula are made by foreigners. In addition, hundreds of them have been arrested in their countries for multiple homicides, armed theft, sexual attacks, terrorism, extortion, among others.
The only presence of migrants has caused the collapse of around 70 percent in the arrival of tourists and a similar amount in sales, according to the financial balance they have made this year.
In addition, many of them take drugs and consume intoxicating drinks on the streets and even in the middle of the central park. Also, they starring in street parties and other infractions of the law.
It has also been pointed out that they have taken over sidewalks, streets and highway arteries to sell products of dubious quality and origin; to engage in uncontrolled prostitution and continue the drug marketing. EL ORBE /