Migrants Block and Attack Drivers, Demanding Trucks From the INM; Another 30 Buses With Foreigners Depart From Tapachula to 16 States



Tapachula, Chiapas; December 15, 2021.- Hundred of undocumented Central Americans blocked the southern area of Tapachula about 500 meters near from the Ecological Park, where exit documents are being issued so migrants will be able to travel to 10 states in Mexico.
The blockades were registered this Wednesday, because foreigners closed with stones and sticks at least five accesses to a busy boulevard in the southern part of the town, in order to demand that the National Institute of Migration (INM) must send them buses to travel to the country’s entities, in addition they are asking for visas, employment, government support, free medical services, education, among other things.
To do this, they formed human fences to prevent cars from circulating, and some of them carried stones in their hands to throw at the drivers who were refused to stop, which caused panic at the population that passed in that place.
They argued they have been outside the Ecological Park for about 20 days, waiting for being attended by the federal government. Although all of them and many thousands more entered the country illegally and do not even know who they are, because they do not have identifications.
Up to the place of the blockade, arrived the federal subdelegate of the southern zone of the National Migration Institute (INM), Hugo Salvador Cuéllar, who warned them that what they were doing is a crime in the country and could turn into an adverse situation.
He explained that now he is handing out departure letters so that they can move individually and with their own resources, so he pointed out that they will not send more buses anymore.
As a response, the migrants accused that INM agents charged them up to 200 dollars ( which are about four thousand Mexican pesos) to let them get on the buses.
Alexander «N», who is a migrant, indicated that now the immigration authorities told him that they will only give exit papers. However, he said that most of them do not have the resources to pay tickets and that is why the made the protest.
At nightfall, the undocumented decided to reject the federal government’s proposal and returned to the street blockades. Also, announced that they will maintain their position until their «rights» were fulfilled.
Shortly after, anti-riot elements from the National Guard arrived and, until press time, there was a tense atmosphere that at any moment could end with the eviction. EL ORBE /