Migrants Protests Suspended in Tapachula Mexican Government Relocates Them to Other States


Tapachula, Chiapas; November 25, 2021.- After two days of intense demonstrations in the city by some 10,000 migrants of various nationalities that included blockades of streets and highways, as well as attacks on civilians, this Thursday the government of Mexico accepted the transfer from foreigners to ten entities of the country, to continue their migration regularization process.

From the morning a delegation of federal and state officials arrived to explain to the migrant population about the agreements reached.

Héctor Martínez Castuera, representing the National Institute of Migration (INM), went to the Olympic Stadium, south of Tapachula, to establish a dialogue table with the thousands of migrants, with the offer that they would be sent to those states, from righ now.

When foreigners found out about this news, they organized themselves by nationality so that the authorities could carry out the procedure, «everyone will be transferred in trucks from Monday to Friday,» the official told them.

Metal protections were placed on the esplanade of that sports venue and National Guard personnel arrived so that the day could be carried out in order. Despite this, during the day there were some incidents among the same migrants who were fighting for places, tired of more than two years of waiting and unfulfilled promises.

Others began to jump the fences, even passing over elements of the police who were trying to stop them. The desperation of Haitians and other countries was so great that they arrived with everything and suitcases, because they thought they would leave this Thursday.

For many it was like that, because they finally managed to leave Tapachula, where the federal government kept them stranded for many months, after it did not respond to their request to allow them to cross national territory in order to reach the United States.

The Nicaraguan migrant, José de la Cruz Hernández, told the newspaper EL ORBE that he had to pass the roadblocks and announce that a new caravan was going to leave for the government to focus its gaze on foreigners.

«Waiting affected us, because it was the food and the rent. Before that, many tried to stay to sleep on the floor of the Olympic Stadium,» he said.

Another migrant from Cuba, Roney Rodríguez, indicated that they were waiting for several days, but today we picked up our things and we are leaving Tapachula»

With these transfers of migrants, according to the official part, it is intended that the entity that takes them can issue visas for humanitarian reasons.

Thousands of migrants decided to stay the night at the Olympic Stadium to enlist and participate in the committed transfer for this Friday and leave the southern border of Chiapas as soon as possible and advance in their dream of reaching North America.

The National Guard with anti-riot gear remains in the main access to take control and prevent migrants who have arrived late from creating possible confrontations. THE ORB / M. Blanco