Comar Receives 123 Thousand Refuge Requests By Migrants of 106 Nationalities


+ Almost 30 thousand are for children

Tapachula, Chiapas; December 13, 2021.- After 11 months, the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (COMAR), has registered just over 123 thousand requests by migrants of 106 nationalities from all continents.
In the three years of the current administration, that agency has resolved 75.1 percent of the total number of cases resolved in 8 years and 11 months since 2013.
Now a days, it has recognized and granted Complementary Protection to 77.54 percent of the total. In absolute numbers, it has done so in favor of 59,365 of 76,562.
Throughout last year, the agency registered 15,472 women applicants for refugee status in Mexico, which represented 37.74 percent of the total applications.
At the end of November in this year, 50,251 women had been counted, which represents 40.79 percent of the total.
Throughout the last year, 8,173 accompanied and unaccompanied children applied for refugee status in Mexico, which represented 19.93% of all applications.
While, so far in 2021, this figure rose to 29 thousand and 467, which means 23.92 percent of the total.
In these 11 months, the main nationalities of the accompanied and unaccompanied children who have requested refugee status in Mexico are from Honduras with 10,523; Chileans with 6,384; Haitians, 3,554; Brazilians, 3,271; and from El Salvador with 1,433.
The Comar in Mexico has added 123, 187 people, where the Haitians stand out with 47 thousand 494 requests before the Mexican government.
The Caribbeans, left in second place the Hondurans, who according to the balance of the authorities, reached 35,161. EL ORBE /